We have a new display of beautiful locally-made pottery in the shop, in a range of colours and styles that are unique but practical works of art.  In blues, browns and sandy glazes, with cups, plates, vases, and jugs, they invoke a sense of place. They make ideal vessels for that special morning cup of coffee, fruit bowl or flower vase.

Emsworth Pottery is run by artist and potter, Daniel Tidbury, who lives and works just two miles from here. He has a passion for the outdoors and working with clay provides him a rich physical and spiritual connection to the earth. Every unique piece of Tidbury’s functional stoneware and terracotta pottery is created and finished by his own hand and is designed for everyday use. Enjoy!

Tidbury also runs private pottery classes and welcomes visitors to his home-studio. You can browse more of Tidbury’s artwork and pottery online at Emsworth Pottery