We have some award-winning Bone Broth now available, from Freja, the perfect superfood to guide you through the mid-winter flu season.

We have chicken and beef broth available, both packed with flavour and made from 100% natural ingredients. The broths are sourced from independent family farms and are non-GMO and hormone-free.

Bone broth is packed with protein, collagen and amino acids, to make you and your gut feel great, as well as supporting your immune system, skin, hair and nails.

It’s the old-school superfood, which is easy to prepare and use, and can be enjoyed hot or cold, on it’s own or part of a recipe.  Think of soups curries, gravy and ramen that have broth as their base, or poach veggies or chicken in the broth and away you go.  You can find some lovely recipe information on their website: www.frejafoods.com