While I don’t want to generalize, most dads probably don’t even know that it’s Father’s Day this Sunday so you probably won’t need to make too much of a fuss about it.  However, a cold brew and a beautiful grass-fed steak might well bring a tear to his eye, and will be appreciated from the depths of his belly (where most of his emotions lie).

Luckily we have some incredible steaks just for the occasion.  Lee has been ageing ribs of beef on the bone, as well as sirloin, rib eye and fillet.  We can cut them to whatever size you want, with a choice of 30 days, 40 days aged and older depending on your preference.  We also have shoulder of pork for low and slow pulled pork, beautiful Creedy Carver Chickens for the perfect Sunday roast, and local Spring lamb.

As for beers, I can highly recommend Powder Monkey’s current selection of brews.  They are made in the historic Naval Gunpowder Store in Gosport and brewed by Oxford Uni Biochemist Mark Hamblin, and they are all very special, with a range of styles, flavours and strengths to keep every dad happy this weekend.  We also have Long Man Brewery ales and Goodwood beers, a range of ciders and English Sparkling, so make sure to celebrate the dads in your life.

Of course we have lots of foodie gifts as well, such as Crazy Bastard hot sauces which are bound to put a smile on his face (at least until he tries it), or Rump Rub, one of our BBQ rubs.  It’s easy to put a little Hamper Selection together if you do want to make a fuss.

Little Fish are also offering a Fathers Day bundle which contains: Smokey Chilli BBQ Ribs, Aromatic Duck Bao Bun, Sesame Chilli Rice Balls, Monsuta Okinawa Dry Lager which you can pre-order and pick up from the Farm Shop on Sunday.