We have expanded our range of olives to include tins, jars, pots and bowls of beautiful olives, perfect for al fresco dining in the sunshine or sheltering under a blanket in the kitchen dreaming of the Med, depending on the day’s weather.

At the Deli we are now serving olives by weight, and you can come and have a taste before you buy.  We have three choices of olives from the Fine Olive Co:

Bella Napoli Olives containing pitted green, Kalamata, purple & Nocellara olives with sweet peppers, garlic, herbs & sherry vinegar.

Chilli & Garlic Olives – pitted green & Kalamata olives with garlic cloves & chilli flakes

Garlic Stuffed Green Olives

We also have Red African Peppers stuffed with cheese.

Ask at the deli counter and try them out.

On the shelves, you can find our incredibly popular tins of Perello Gordal olives from Spain. They are green, crisp and fleshy with a touch of heat from the guindilla chillies in the marinade, while the Manzanilla olives are the most popular olives in Spain, with a firm and meaty texture, slightly spicy with a light briny flavour. They are available in 150g or 600g tins.

We also have jars of delicious stuffed olives from Olives et Al, including Jalapeno stuffed olives, red pepper stuffed olives and garlic stuffed olives.  You will be glad to know that their incredible snacks, Captain Tiptoes Sesame Peanuts and Chilli Puffs are back in stock, as we are now sourcing them directly from them in Dorset.

From Tenuta Marmorelle in Italy, we have artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes and chargrilled aubergines and courgettes, while you can get a blast of colour from our jars of roasted red peppers.

It’s the combination of colours and flavours that look great on the plate, taste delicious and is also good for you – each colour contains different nutrients and phytonutrients, so get the full range for that healthy Mediterranean diet.  Enjoy on their own as a healthy snack, as part of your summer picnics or ingredients on pizzas, pot roasts and pastas.



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