Our raspberries come from Westlands Farm, just north of Wickam, and they are picked when ripe and at their most tasty, and delivered to our door.  We also take their lovely strawberries.

It’s now peak raspberry season, and while they are delicious fresh with cream, they are also extremely versatile, with their unique flavour working well in salads and sauces, cocktails and cakes.  Of course, we are all familiar with raspberry jam and coulis in deserts, but why not inspire your savoury dishes as well with a splash of colour and a burst of flavour?

Mix a salad with baby spinach, toasted almond flakes, crumbled feta and raspberries that is all brought together with a raspberry sweet balsamic dressing. If you wanted to make this more substantial, a seared Creedy Carver duck breast would work perfectly, sliced thinly on top.   We have just started stocking Little Doone Dressings, which are so good and have great value at around £5 per bottle.  The flavour from the raspberry dressing is extraordinary as they take local raspberries in season, pulp them and add to great quality balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

If you want your Raspberries 3 ways this weekend, then we have some freshly made Raspberry muffins using Westlands fresh raspberries and Bere Dairies raspberry yoghurt.  Get your fix and enjoy the seasonal glut.

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