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Muntjac Venison Haunch


Our venison haunch is outstanding, the flavour of the wild meat is second to none and you can cook this as you would a leg of lamb.

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Muntjac venison is regarded as one of the most delicious of all the venison, and the haunches are tender and ideal for a summer BBQ. Just ask for your haunch to be butterflied, marinate it overnight, and sear on the grill.

Muntjac are only rarely found at Stansted, so we source muntjac from Hampshire estates where the undergrowth is heavier and the muntjac are more of a pest.  They breed all the year-round, so there is no off-season, and they cause damage to coppice regeneration and the loss of some plants of conservation importance, such as primulas, so the population needs to be controlled.

The muntjac haunch is on the bone unless you request otherwise. The size of the haunch varies, but it’s normally just over 1kg on the bone.


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