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All our venison comes from either the Stansted Estate or Uppark Estate  – with Fallow and Roe deer providing an all year round supply of venison haunch, loin, haunch steaks, and tasty venison sausages. During the off-season, we get Hampshire Muntjac. Buy in store or online for home delivery.

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  • Diced Venison (1kg)

    Diced Venison can be used as a healthy alternative to beef, with a slightly gamey flavour.

  • Game Pies

    We will be making Game and Venison pies to order, for collection between the 22nd and 24th December this year. Each pie is filled with local game, our homemade stock, mushrooms, and root vegetables, encased in our homemade pastry.  All you need to do is heat it up in the … Read More
  • Grouse (each)

    Grouse are a richly flavoured game bird that is regarded as a fabulous seasonal delicacy.

  • Muntjac Venison Haunch

    Our venison haunch is outstanding, the flavour of the wild meat is second to none and you can cook this as you would a leg of lamb.

  • Partridge (each)

    Partridge are an excellent introduction to game, being tender, easy to cook and tasty without being too gamey.

  • game preparation & cookery


    Pheasant are a delicious, gamey alternative to chicken, with lots of recipes to choose from.

  • Rack of Venison (1kg)

    Our French trimmed Rack of Venison is a spectacular cut that has the finest loin on the bone.


  • Roe Deer Venison Box

    This box of roe deer venison is the perfect way to experience the fantastic quality of this meat.

  • Venison & Beef Wellington

    This is the ultimate ready meal – a wellington with our own homemade pastry, mushroom duxelles, and either wild venison loin or Hampshire beef fillet, ready to pop in the oven for 20 minutes.  A luxury meal without the faff, you need to treat yourself to this over the Christmas … Read More
  • venison sausages

    Venison & Juniper Sausages

    These handmade sausages provide a true taste of the wild venison from the Stansted Estate.


  • Venison Box

    This venison box offers a selection of the finest cuts of wild Venison from Stansted Park.

  • Venison Chops (x 4)

    Our French trimmed Venison Chops are simple to cook, and lower in fat and cholesterol, without compromising on flavour.


  • Venison Loin

    Venison Fillet (300g)

    The venison fillet is the most tender part of the venison. These tenderloin fillets are delicate, well flavoured and completely melt-in-the-mouth.  They are a similar shape, but slightly smaller than a pork fillet with unbeatable texture.  Pan fried for about five minutes, this is the ultimate fast food. All our … Read More
  • Haunch of venison

    Venison Haunch

    Our venison haunch is outstanding, the flavour of the wild meat is second to none and you can cook this as you would a leg of lamb.

  • venison haunch steak

    Venison Haunch Steak – 250g

    Some consider these to be better than sirloin steak, with a superior flavour and just as tender.

  • Venison Loin (1kg)

    Venison loin is one of the finest cuts of meat you can buy, and can be prepared in a variety of ways.

  • venison mince

    Venison Mince (1kg)

    Venison mince can be used as a healthy alternative to beef or lamb, and is ideal for burgers, bolognese or shepherd’s pie.

  • Venison Shoulder (1kg)

    Venison shoulder is ideal for slow-cooking (Roast in the oven at 160 degrees for three hours) and you can marinate it over night in herbs (thyme, rosemary, juniper?) and red wine.  This shoulder is boned and rolled, but if you would prefer it on the bone, just let us know.  … Read More
  • Wild Venison Box

    Our farming neighbours have a glut of venison at the moment, so we are offering a limited-time offer mixed wild venison box for a superb price for the next few weeks. This box would normally cost over £135, but is on special offer at £85 while stocks last. This is … Read More