shepherds hutWe have a number of Hampshire Down sheep and lambs on the estate, a native breed feeding on the natural herbs and grasses of Stansted. These lambs provide a superior quality taste, texture and tenderness that led one of our customers to comment that “It was without doubt the best lamb I have ever tasted”.

While the main lambing season begins in July (with some earlier and others later, depending on the weather), they are still excellent quality eating, developing in flavour as the year progresses.

Stansted runs under the Environmental Stewardship scheme, so the lambs graze on fields that are not sprayed with herbicides, insecticides or fertilizers, which ensures a varied selection of herbs and grasses, as well as wild flowers (including rare orchids).
This traditional lamb breed grazes on the South Downs chalkland much as it would have done 100’s of years before. Enjoy traditional high quality lamb, sold on the estate where you can see them graze.