This week we have Wild Boar, farmed in Bramshaw within the New Forest.

They are pure breed Wild Boar (unlike some farms that mix with domestic pigs for a more docile animal) that have to be farmed to exacting standards as they are classified as a dangerous wild animal that need a licence and site inspection.

The meat is rich, nutty and dark – with slower growth rates making the meat lower in fat and higher in protein.

While there are some genuine ‘wild’ wild boars, they have not yet travelled as far us West Sussex and Hampshire – and while many would like to see a return of the boar to our woodlands, they cause diruption for farmers, dog walkers and gardeners – it is debateable whether there is room for them in the UK.  In the meantime, you can enjoy the farmed boar until their wild friends migrate into Stansted.

We will be buying Wild Boar every month or so.  If you would like to order a box of wild boar, get in touch and we will contact you when we get the next delivery.