Pete fishes out of Emswoth and we take part of his catch to sell on Fresh Fish Fridays at the Farm Shop.  I feel strongly that we should be able to access and enjoy local fish from local harbours – but Pete is having to sell his house and probably his boat due to unexpected quota restrictions imposed recently.

Pete has faced a huge number of challenges and difficulties over the three years that we have known him and he wants to outline these issues through a film.  He is looking to raise the funding for this through Kickstarter.

By helping to fund the film you will help to inform people about the hardships faced by small independent fisherman.  It is these individuals who fish in the most sustainable way – with dayboats, light tackle and local knowledge.  Greenpeace research indicate that local fishermen have a lower impact on the environment, benefiting coastal communities and marine wildlife.

Across the UK, five vessels hold a fifth of the fishing quota, and while small-scale fishing vessels make up four-fifths of the fleet, they have just 4% of the quota available for the nation.

This way of life is severely threatened and Pete and Chantelle are desperately trying to raise our awareness.  It will affect fishing commuities across the UK.  Please have a look and donate if possible on the Kickstarter website