pan_roasted_bassThe trick with cooking a romantic meal is keeping it simple – if you cook the most incredible 3 star michelin food but you are stressed, sweaty and in a foul mood, then you’ll have more luck with a bowl of cereal.  With a couple of sea bass fillets you have an outstanding local ingredient that can be cooked in 5 minutes and will taste amazing.  Add little roast potatoes, roast cherry tomatoes, rosemary and lemon and a watercress salad – washed down with some white wine, and you are away.

This North Easterly wind is playing havoc with Pete’s fishing – he returned today after 12 hours fishing with 10 cod and a Dover sole from 6 nets and will not be going out again until the wind changes.  So this week we have dayboat fish from Brighton…

Please order in advance and let me know if you would like it filleted.

  • Bass – £16/kg
  • Large Cod Fillet – £12.50/kg
  • Plaice – £4 each
  • Lemon Sole – £6.50 each
  • Skate wing – £3.50 each
  • Gurnard – £9/kg
  • Mackerel – £9/kg
  • Squid – £11/kg
  • Scallop in the shell – £1.20 each
  • Oysters 95p each
  • Mussels £6 / kg
  • Palourde Clams £12.95/kg