We are excited to announce that Gavin will be making our first batch of homemade sausage rolls this weekend – and we expect to have these delicious snacks in the shop from now on. The old butchery is being turned into a production kitchen and we will be developing different products throughout the year.

The sausage roll is a glorious invention – an ideal lunchtime meal that should combine a light puff pastry with a good roll of pork sausage meat.  However, like many convenient foods, it has been adulterated and abused – filled with who knows what and leaving you feeling depressed as you bite into a flavourless, dry and virtually inedible cardboard snack.  Researching some of the most popular brands, I find 22 ingredients (including Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids!) with a total “meat content” of 17% – whatever that might be.

This is why we are excited about making our own sausage rolls – we are putting the finest ingredients together (puff pastry, pork, seasoning, oats): we know where the pigs have been reared, what they have been eating, and which cuts are used to make the sausage meat.  Every ingredient is exactly as you would find in your own kitchen.  This is how a sausage roll should be made and it will taste fantastic.