nutbourne-tomatoesI love the smell of freshly picked tomatoes and we are pleased to announce that we now stock locally grown heirloom tomatoes from Nutbourne.  Nutbourne Tomatoes have a wide range of varieties, colours and shapes available that you won’t see in the supermarkets, along with fantastic tastes.

Because they are locally grown, they are particularly fresh, still on the vine and are never refridgerated.  This makes a huge difference as you should never chill your tomatoes as they lose their taste.  Tomatoes that come from the continent are refrigerated so that they last the journey.

There are numerous varieties of Nutbourne Tomatoes, depending on which are ripe at any given time – but we have Coeur de Boeuf (Beefsteak), Pink Classic, Lemon Tiger and Yellow Cocktail amongst others.

They are perfect for salads with Olive Oil and fresh mozzarella and we will be stocking them for the rest of the year.