Petes-Boat Pete and Chantelle have started crowdfunding to raise money for an ice machine.  The reasons for this are so that Pete can

  1. Put his fish directly from the line or nets onto ice, keeping the fish extra fresh
  2. Avoid having to visit the fish market to pick up ice, saving fuel and time
  3. Provide cool storage for his fish giving him more opportunity to sell directly to local customers.

If you are able to donate towards their crowdfunding then please do – not only do you get some of Pete’s fresh fish in return, but you also help to ensure a long term supply of locally caught, dayboat fish for both the farm shop and for you.

We are hoping to work more and more closely with Pete and Chantelle in the future – and this might pave the way for ensuring access to fresh fish not only on Fridays, but during the rest of the week as well.

If you care about knowing where you food comes from, how it has been treated, and if you want the best quality while supporting a local producer, then there is no better way of showing your support.  Click here to access My Community Fish Box’s Crowdfunding site.


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