Muntjac deerThis week we have muntjac on the menu – widely regarded as the tastiest of all the venison and seen as a huge threat to our native woodland.  With the heavy rain during January, the Stansted fallow deer have moved to pastures new, migrating temporarily off the estate – so this week we are looking further afield for our venison.

The muntjac comes from estates on Wiltshire and Hampshire (and although they have been spotted near here, luckily their numbers are not that high yet). They breed like rabbits and cause much damage to young trees, shrubs, bluebells and undergrowth, and are regarded as one of the more threatening of the UK’s non-native animals.  They are small (about the size of a fox) and hide easily amongst the bramble and bracken – but with a population explosion going on, we will be seeing more and more of them.  Also there is no season for them, so they are available all year round.

Luckily for us, they are seriously tasty – similar to spring lamb but without the fat.  We are selling haunch on the bone for £12/kg (they weigh just over 1kg) or saddle on the bone for £22/kg. Let us know if you are interested in trying some and we will put some aside.