dayboat fishI’m retiring! Yup, my fish filleting days are over (while I still have all my fingers!).  From now on Chantelle will be taking over the fish counter (although there will be a transition period to ensure a smooth handover).

This means that you will be getting more of Pete’s fantastic fish landed at Northney, and Chantelle will be able to tell you the hour that the fish was landed, what the conditions at sea are like and you can discover what’s in season.  We are also hoping to have another fish day for our customers so that you can get fish more often – and it would be great if you could let us know which day you would like to collect fish.

With EU directives changing what can be caught at what time and what place, it is seriously difficult being an independent fisherman at the moment. In order to keep this industry alive we need to support our local fishermen more than ever – and there is no better way of doing that than buying fish straight off the local dayboats.  If they lose their job (several fishing vessels in Chichester harbour are currently for sale), then you will rely on enormous factory ships with all the quotas delivering fish from who knows where to the supermarkets – or farmed fish with their anti-biotics and fish meal.

Fish is available every Friday from 10am and you can pre-order with Chantelle or come and take your pick.