Duck eggs are THE secret ingredient for baking the perfect, light, fluffy cake – or the most incredible Yorkshire pudding.  If you have been wondering why old Mrs Miggins keeps winning the village fete cake competition year after year, despite your every effort, then I bet it comes down to Duck Eggs!

Not only does the duck egg white contain more protein than a chicken egg, giving a superior structure to the whipped whites, but the yolk is also richer, giving a more satisfying taste and consistency.  All you need to do is suplement a chicken egg with the more potent duck egg in any recipe, and you will find yourself in a fluffy baking world of bliss. They are ideal for making ice cream, custards and pastries and improves the texture in gluten free baking as well.

The darker coloured yokes also make them excellent for whipping up your own hollandaise sauce – just in time for asparagus season. However, if baking is not your thing, then duck eggs and bacon provide a proper breakfast for the purist.

We should have duck eggs available in the shop until mid-summer at least and they are 60p each.