Real Bread Week

It’s Real Bread Week and we are showcasing some of our superb artisan bread makers.  It’s also a perfect excuse to make your own bread, which can be very simple to do – starting with this no-knead bread from Ballymaloe which is delicious, to creating your own sourdough starter, and … Read More

Sourdough Bread from Bread Addiction

We are thrilled to be getting Bread Addiction’s fabulous sourdough bread back in the shop tomorrow (Friday).  We will have large loaves (800g) of white, brown, seeded and pumpkin available, and are hoping to be able to stock these every Friday from now on. Each loaf is made with organic … Read More

Homemade Christmas Cakes

If you need a single reason to come to Stansted this weekend, then surely supporting Jennifer Gerrish is the one.  Jennifer makes Christmas cakes by hand exclusively for the Stansted Christmas Fayre and was distraught to learn that the Fayre was cancelled due to the weather. They are the ultimate … Read More

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