Finally after an unseasonably cold April, the first local asparagus arrived last week as our hopes for all fantastic British produce  starts to bear fruit.  Grown in Rogate at Slade Farm by Pete Davey – there really is nothing finer than freshly picked British Asparagus.

My favourite way to cook this mighty green spear is by grilling it until the tips are slightly brown and crunchy – topped with a poached duck egg and some grated parmesan, it’s the perfect healthy meal, ushering in British Springtime.

For me, asparagus is the harbinger of the British veg season.  Finally the root vegetables can take a back seat as salads, Jersey Royal potatoes, then beans, peas, courgettes and all the rest follow up. Asparagus should be eaten as soon as possible after it has been picked as the sugars start turning to starch once it is out of the ground.  That’s why eating Peruvian asparagus in October is wrong on every level.

The season is short though, so best to take advantage while you can.  We are selling Slade Farm Asparagus for £2 per bunch or 3 for £5 this weekend.