Chocolate Brownie

We take our chocolate brownies pretty seriously – these are not for the faint-hearted, but ideally need to be eaten sitting down. It’s a mighty hit that combines a crunchy exterior with a dense, gooey mouthful of rich, silky chocolate.

And then there’s an adult version that takes it to another level with a layer of roasted, salted peanuts to give the perfect savoury balance.

We are not the only ones who are taking these brownies seriously.  We had one customer who had a bite and immediately demanded who was responsible for creating them.  When I told her that they were Gavin’s work, she said simply “I’m going to marry that man”.

Today we had a customer who had brought two colleagues all the way from Portsmouth for a salted peanut brownie, nothing else. They are developing a cult following of their own.

Make sure to try one next time you are in the shop.  They are a great treat after some serious exercise, but are also the perfect luxury pudding with a bit of Caroline’s Dairy Vanilla Ice cream.  Job Done.

We also have peanut cookies this week. Available while stocks last at £2.20 each

p.s. There is a Mrs Gavin, sorry.


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  • For a small shoppe, you have a nice selection of food. We are particularly fond of the lamb and venison as well as your fresh veg. I’m afraid to try the brownie should I get addicted! Lastly, the staff couldn’t be nicer! Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks Barbara for your lovely comments – I will make sure you stay well away from the Brownies – nothing but trouble!

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