summer cocktailsIt’s time to sit back with some delicious summer cocktails to share with friends. Two Birds Spirits make a selection of small batch spirits based on their award-winning London Dry Gin and Vodka.  Each batch is created 100 bottles at a time, carefully infused with different seasonal products.

The bottles are small 20cl and make an ideal party gift at £11.95 each.  Each bottle is decorated by hand using organic inks. We have a great selection of Two Birds Spirits including the following:

  • London Dry Gin – A classic London Dry Gin produced with bucket loads of juniper flavour and 4 other exquisite botanics.
  • Raspberry English Vodka – Our handcrafted blend of cereal barley & sugar beet vodka is infused with English raspberries to create a classic English summer drink, refreshing and delicious.
  • Old Tom Gin – A sweeter Gin predating the London Dry Gin of the Victorian era. Ideal with tonic, cocktails or even neat.
  • Cocktail Gin – Made with our classic London Dry Gin botanicals, this cocktail gin is specially distilled producing a greater juniper flavour.
  • Passion Fruit and English Vodka – this light and fruity summer drink is great over ice or served with mixers.
  • Salted Caramel English Vodka – A perfect balance of English vodka infused with wonderfully rich caramel and finished with a subtle hint of salt.

So it’s time to let the creative juices flow and get the spirits soaring this summer with Two Birds summer cocktails.