I think Brill is one of the tastiest, best value fish you can buy at the moment, and I’m shocked that more people don’t eat it.  It’s being caught in good numbers at the moment, and we are selling 3-500g fish for £4.50.  That’s a fantastic meal for one person that is easy to cook and with a bit of lemon and butter will taste better than almost any restaurant dish.

The Brill is a member of the turbot family and you will often see it on a restaurant menu in the same price range.  It is a flat fish that feeds on crustaceans and small fish, and has a sweet succulence combined with a meaty texture.

I highly recommend cooking the fish whole as it improves the succulence and flavour.  If necessary, ask for the head and tail to be removed, and the fins trimmed as this makes it simple to take off the fillets when cooked without worrying about any bones.

I would bake the fish on a high heat for 10-12 minutes until the skin starts to split – then see if the flesh starts to come away from the bone at the thick end. It works fantastically well cooked with a bit of white wine, butter and lemon – then plate up with new potatoes and runner beans, and season with the juices from the pan.

If you would like to order Brill for this Friday, email me while stocks last….

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