Boom Kitchen Curry Kits

I loved the packaging of the Boom Kitchen Curry Kits and thought I’d give them a try – they were voted the ‘best curry kit producer’ by the Independent, so definitely worth a trial run.  As you open up the pack, there are clear instructions and several different sachets of … Read More

Beef Short Ribs Recipe

Beef Short Ribs have loads of flavour, making them ideal for slow-cooking until the bones fall off the meat.  As a result you can really push the ingredients and additional flavours, as the beef holds up well against them.  Use this recipe as a guide, but load up with mustard, … Read More

Black Rice, chorizo & tomato crusted cod & kale

Susana & Daughters make delicious Kefir, import Olive Oil from the family farm, and now have sourced delicious organic black rice and some very special Albufera Rice (Arroz Albufera) which is perfect for risotto or paella, as it absorbs more stock than other rice when cooked, while keeping it’s shape … Read More

Apple Meringue Pie Recipe

Apple Meringue Pie was a special treat when I was growing up.  It’s a sweeter version of a standard apple pie, so might be best for young families, but it looks incredible and is great for celebrating the English apple season. Recipe for apple meringue pie: Ingredients: For the Pie … Read More

Hanger Steak

Lee has some Hanger Steaks (otherwise known as Onglet de Boeuf) available this week – this is the traditional cut for steak frites in French Bistros as it has great flavour.  You do need to cook it rare or medium rare and cut across the grain if you are grilling … Read More

Blanco Niño Tortilla Chips

We have some superb new authentic Tortilla Chips from Blanco Niño now in stock, which act as a perfect vehicle for some great dips, salsa and Mexican dishes, loaded with Isle of Wight tomatoes and other goodies. These Tortilla Chips are made and taste as originally intended. These are among the … Read More

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