Chalice MeadWe are very excited to introduce Mead into the farm shop this Friday – hand crafted by Mike from Chalice Mead in Rake, it is outstanding according to Sam, who was fairly sceptical before his tasting on Monday morning.  His day improved considerably afterwards, and we want to do the same for you this Friday with a tasting at the farm shop.

Mead is simply honey and water, where the honey ferments into alcohol.  Most commercial meads are incredibly sweet and sickly, but Chalice Mead is balanced and delicious.  For a drink that has been around since 2700BC in England, mead has got to be something pretty spectacular, so come on by for a taste.

Come and meet Mike and try out some of these great flavours:

  • Traditional Mead – A sumptuous golden mead with a rich full flavour and the deeply satisfying taste of honey.
  • Nettle Mead – Made with carefully selected nettles this mead is the taste of summer in a glass.
  • Hawthorn Mead -Made from foraged hawthorn
  • Chilli Mead – Infused with a subtle blush of chilli, our Chilli Mead is a delightfully heart-warming tipple.
  • Chocolate Mead – This utterly gorgeous mead is a blend of our Traditional Mead and divinely decadent flavours of rich chocolate.

Available in 350ml bottles at £12.99, this ancient, traditional delicacy needs to be fully appreciated.