We have had a couple of new cheeses in over the last week or so which are definitely worth trying.

First up is Oxford Isis which was first created in 2003 by the Oxford Cheese company and is rind washed in Oxfordshire Honey Mead while it matures for a month (not a bad existence!). It is full flavoured, robust with a creamy texture with the honey mead providing a sweet balance to the cheeses pungent tang.

Sharpham makes cheese from their own Jersey herd above the river Dart in Devon. The Sharpham is a mould ripened, buttery soft cheese that is soft, gooey and delicious. Sharpham has won many awards for its flavour and texture including Super Gold – World Cheese Awards 2010 and Best Soft White – British Cheese Awards.

Golden Cross is an outstanding Sussex goats cheese that has won Super Gold for Golden Cross at the 2014 World Cheese Awards. Golden Cross is a log shaped goat’s milk cheese which can be eaten fresh or matured. Coagulation takes 24 hours before the curds are gently ladled into long moulds to form the log shape. The cheeses are lightly charcoaled prior to maturation when a velvety white penicillium mould develops on the surface.

Rosarys Goats Cheese produce a fresh, creamy goat’s cheese with a mousse-like texture and a natural acidity. Winner of the Supreme Champion Award at the British Cheese Awards 2014. It is made from pasteurised milk, using a microbial rennet, which makes it suitable for vegetarians. Just enough salt is added to enhance its unique flavour.