venison-pieWe have Game Pie Mix available this week, along with Gavin’s homemade pork and apple pies.

Gavin has taken rare breed pork leg and roasted it, before adding some windfall apples (Thank you Sam’s Mum) from Stoughton and braised them both. These have been added along with sage stuffing to his homemade pastry to make this week’s pies.  Each pie is a generous size and costs £4 each – and they will be coming out of the oven this Friday.

This will be our Autumn pie, although we will still have the exceptional beef pies available and the occassional venison pie.

If you want to make your own pies, then we can provide diced venison from Stansted Estate, or even a game pie mix, which is made up of 1/3 partridge, 1/3 pheasant and 1/3 venison for £14 per kg. It comes in 500g packs.

We have homemade sausage rolls alongside Venison Sausages and Sweet and Spicy Italian sausage (which make a superb cassoulet – see here for Jamie Oliver’s version).