Longman's Unsalted ButterYou can’t beat good butter – and Longman’s butter is the best.  It is the double world champion at the International Cheese Awards and is widely prized for it’s outstanding flavour.

Available as either salted or unsalted in 250g packs, it will be available from the farm shop for £1.99.

This farmshouse butter is rich, creamy, smooth and flavourful and can completely transform a slice of toast.  It is prized by top chefs who use it in their cooking as well as with homemade bread.

The Longman family have been farmers and Farmhouse Cheese makers for over 200 years, this wealth of experience means we have a unique knowledge of cheese, butter and other dairy products. Longman Cheese Sales is located on the farm with lovely rolling countryside in the heart of the Vale of Camelot, just north of Yeovil in Somerset.

Longmans butter is churned in Somerset using milk from local herds. The milk is separated and the cream Is churned into our fantastic butter!