Hallgate Eggs

We have a new egg supplier, Nick and Helen from Hallgate Farm in Petworth, that compliments our existing organic Rookery Farm Eggs.  They produce outstanding free-range duck eggs, chicken eggs and quail eggs.

Eggs should be seen as a super food – full of protein, they are a great way to start your day.  They are also a top cooking ingredient, and are packed with protein and essential amino acids.

Duck eggs are renowned for producing superior baking results – they make everything lighter and fluffier and ideal for cakes. The whites contain more protein than a hen’s egg and they are ideal for gluten free baking, as they offer more structure to compensate for the lack of flour. Quails eggs are small, delicate and delicious – ideal to add to salads, or poached in a soup.

It’s the ideal time of year for all eggs – the natural egg laying time, with the Easter Egg being an obvious symbol.