We are coming to the end of the fallow deer season, which means that venison will be off the menu for a couple of months.  If you would like any venison, from the incredible loin, to steaks or diced, please do let me know in the next week or so and you can have it fresh or put some aside for the freezer.  There will be a small amount of roe deer available, but they can be elusive so our supply may not be steady. The roe venison is also more expensive.

However, it does look like we will have a steady supply of Wild Boar throughout the summer. This is culled from the Forest of Dean and is truly delicious.  I have now had some wild boar chops as well as wild boar ragu (thanks Mum) and I can highly recommend both.  All I need now is a BBQ haunch to enjoy with Asterix and Obelix and I shall be a happy man.

We have some pheasant eggs coming to join the duck eggs and free range hen eggs this week – and these delicious orbs will go perfectly – poached and perched on top of some freshly picked Midhurst Asparagus.  Add some parmesan shavings and salt and pepper and you are away. Pheasant eggs are milder than hen eggs, but creamier – and definitely worth trying out.

If you wanted a particularly wild dish, then you could go for a wild boar ragu with poached pheasant egg on top?  Delicious, rich and using the finest wild ingredients.