We have wild boar in this week which came from the Forest of Dean. There’s not much, so if you want some for Easter, let me know and it’s first come, first serve. We only have one animal, but will have all the joints, and we are expecting to get more from where this came from.

The Forest of Dean has had a feral wild boar population growing since the 1990’s and they are now numerous and with no natural predators.  As with deer, their numbers need to be controlled otherwise they cause to much damage to the woodland.  Wild Boar were once endemic to the British Isles but were hunted to extinction 300 years ago.  The boars of the Forest of Dean have come from escapees of farmed boar – they breed several times a year with up to 10 piglets per litter.  We should be able to get a fairly regular supply and we need to eat as much Wild Boar as possible.

We don’t yet have a more local supply, although they are more common in East Sussex and are supposedly heading this way.  Apparently a wild boar was run over in South Harting, but I’ve yet to bump into one.  If you do see one, treat them with caution, although it is worth noting that they have not yet been known to attack humans in the UK, although they will attack dogs.

Wild Boar has a delicious, gamey flavour and is remarkably lean. Taste wise, it’s pretty much a mix of venison and pork – so ping me that email and get your first taste of truly Wild Boar.

You can get a taste at the Stansted Kitchen of Wild Boar Spring Rolls with Sweet and Sour Coleslaw – cooked by Gavin.


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  • Would be interesting to try some wild boar wraps, look forward to sampling this at the shop. Have eaten boar before but not sure if it was wild.

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