sourdough breadWe have a new bread supplier: Doughboy makes seriously delicious artisan sourdough bread, based in Climping. We will have a great range of breads as well as incredible croissant and pain au chocolat, while the sourdough loaves have a deep flavour, a baked crust and a delicious, chewy crumb, keep fresh for a long time, and are far more digestible than most breads.  This is seriously good bread, and we are thrilled to be working with Tito at Doughboy in the run up to opening the new shop.

Initially we will have a small number of the full range – but if you find a loaf you particularly enjoy, we can put it aside for you on a regular basis.  You just need to let us know.

Doughboy Bakery was set up in March 2015 by Tito, a young French man, who has an unmistakable and infectious love and passion for baking. Tito has been mastering the “art” of baking since he was 16 years old, beginning his career in Brittany and then moving to the UK in 2005. Tito moved to the local area with his wife, Jane and their 4 young children in order to realise his dream of running his own business.

The sourdough bread from Doughboy Bakery is all hand-scaled and hand-moulded, created from pure British ingredients, free from preservatives and additives. One of the most important elements of the production is time, Tito lets the dough ferment slowly, using natural sourdough and only a limited amount of yeast. This long fermentation process not only improves the flavour and taste of the bread but also allows the gluten and yeast to develop fully which makes it easier for our bodies to enjoy and digest the finished product.

Tito loves what he does and puts everything into the products he creates. If you want a taste of real bread then visit Stansted Park Farm Shop for a slice of Doughboy.

We will have the following breads available on Friday and Saturdays with the aim to build up to five days a week.

  • White Sourdough
  • Brown Sourdough
  • Baguette
  • Ciabatta
  • Olive and Rosemary
  • Sultana & Walnut
  • Campagne
  • Crispy Bacon & Cheddar Cheese
  • Seeded Brown
  • Croissant
  • Pain Au Chocolat