Hampshire CharcoalWe are now stocking Hampshire Charcoal from Three Copse Woodland – made in the woods of Clanfield in charcoal kilns, continuing a tradition that is at least 8,000 years old.

The charcoal is available to buy in convenient bags and is ideal for the BBQ – the wood used is ash or hazel – which are both hardwoods that provide a steady, controllable burn and a delicate smoke. This will result in a seriously hot BBQ that will last far longer than your average bag of charcoal, and is ideal for the serious BBQ cook this summer.  Each bag costs £8.99.

The charcoal is

  • Easy to light
  • Ready to cook quickly
  • Can be topped up as you cook
  • Produces little ash
  • Contributes to sustaining local woodlands, local skills, and rural trade
  • helps sustain your local coppice worker
  • helps protect, preserve and restore wildlife rich woodlands
  • reduces the unsustainable importing of foreign charcoal
  • results in a better barbecue as British made charcoal really is best

So once this rain stops – get the BBQ out and make sure you pick up a bag of local charcoal along with a couple of steaks, mutton burgers and pork chops at the Stansted Farm Shop.