This week we have some wild Muntjac Venison Haunches that have been butterflied and marinaded in oil, marjoram and seasoned, ready for a truly epic BBQ. We only have 9, so it’s first come first serve (and ping me an email if you want one put aside). Muntjac are small and outstandingly tasty.  They breed all year round, so there is no off-season like roe or fallow.  The haunches vary in size, feeding up to four people per haunch, and it works out around £4 per portion.

The great thing about Muntjac is the taste – closer to lamb than red deer venison, but fine grained and lean. You will want to eat it pink, so BBQ on a medium heat for 5 minutes each side and rest for the same amount of time.

Muntjac are non-indigenous, having been introduced into Woburn Abbey from China in the early 20th Century. They escaped and are thriving in the wild, being small, elusive and prodigious breeders.  They tend not to eat crops or damage trees, but instead can decimate native wild flowers and plants, so their numbers need to be controlled.  While there are not many on Stansted, they are culled on sight.

The wild muntjac venison we have this week come from Hampshire farms and estates and will be fantasitc on the BBQ this weekend.