dressed crabTony, our crab and lobster fisherman, has now started dressing his own crabs.  So we will now be getting a regular supply of dressed crab for the rest of the summer.

They are traditionally prepared in shells – with 150g of meat (50:50 white and dark). The cost will be £5.95 each.

The crabs are landed by Tony in his boat, K2, steaming out of Hayling Island. He has pots in many locations, some as far as 20 miles out to sea.  He is landing crab and lobster (which you can also order – prices below) all year round if weather permits, but summer is traditionally the busiest time. Crab and lobster move around more when the water is warmer.  Unfortunately when we get periods of cooler weather (like today), the crustaceans stay put and this affects supply and price.

This is the best way to enjoy crab – freshly caught, cooked and ready to eat.  It has not been pasteurized into a tastless pulp, but is full of flavour. Ideal on a bit of wholemeal toast with mayonnaise and lemon juice, or in a pasta with garlic, chilli and parsley, it makes for the best possible eating.

Alternatively you can dress a crab or lobster yourself.  This is the cheaper way of doing it, but it’s a bit messier, more time consuming and you might need to drink more white wine during the preparation. You will need to cook the whole crab or lobster first.

Dressed Crab (150g) – £5.95

Whole Crab – £6.50/kg

Whole Lobster – £24/kg