Organic Sussex BlueberriesThis week we have the first of the West Sussex grown Organic Blueberries which are delicious and seriously good for you.  They have been grown in Selenhurst , just outside Horsham since 2006 without pesticides, where the shallow acid clay soil provides perfect conditions. (Wild bilberries have traditionally grown in the area).

As they are organically grown, the habitat management has resulted in a proliferation of flora and fauna, including dormice, grass snakes, slow worms, adders, stoats and weasels, buzzards and owls.

Blueberries are a super fruit: high in fibre and vitamin C, they also contain various flavonoid antioxidants. The purple pigments in blueberries, called anthocyanins, are supernutrient anti-oxidants with proven health and nutritional benefits.  As an added bonus, they are moreishly tasty.

While blueberries are better known in North America, they are becomming increasingly popular over here.

Add them to your breakfast cereal, or yogurt, or enjoy them mixed into pancakes.  They are perfect for giving your kids a large dose of vitamin C.

Available in punnets at £3.49