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Fish Friday Moving to Fish Saturday

With some thought we have decided to move fish Friday to Fish Saturday as a test run.  This will start from this weekend Saturday 23rd September, 10am – 1pm.

Fish will be run by Chantelle at Fresh From The Boat. Most of you know that Chantelle & Peter run a local fishing boat and also have a few other boats who land fish to them.

Fresh From The Boats’ ethos is ‘to sell local, sustainable fish, to local people at affordable prices’ They don’t really target fish species but catch what the Solent has to offer them, such as Plaice, Dover Sole, Cod, Bream, Plaice and so much more.

Their fish generally has less than 15 food miles and Chantelle can tell you exactly when it’s caught and where!

Also as the fish is local it sometimes means they won’t always have fish as we head into autumn/winter months, where they grab the weather moments to get to sea.  They don’t want to let people down, but as mentioned their whole ethos is about delivering extremely fresh fish and they are governed by weather, wind tide or sometimes the fish are just not there!

You can follow Fresh From The Boat by following them on Facebook or Twitter by searching ‘Fresh From The Boat’ as they give daily updates to there plans or what they are catching.  You can also sign up to their weekly newsletter by emailing Chantelle to be added at: freshfromtheboat@gmail.com

Your support for Pete and Chantelle is critical – not only do they have to battle wind, wave and tide, but there is also huge pressure on the inshore fishing industry through quotas and regulations that favour the factory ships and trawlers.  The upside is that you can be guarenteed seriously fresh fish which has been caught from as close as possible to the farm shop.

The only downside is that I can’t make cheesy puns around Fred’s fabulous fresh fish Friday flounders.