The Christmas Bird has to be spectacular, and whether you go for the traditional turkey, the rich Goose or a mighty cockerel, you can be guaranteed it will be absolutely delicious.  That’s because they have been sourced from small artisan producers who specialize in high welfare, free range, slow growing breeds.

Free Range Bronze TurkeysTurkeys: We have been getting our Turkeys from Walters Turkeys for five years now.  Each turkey is consistently excellent – tasty, succulent and tender.  This is because they are slow-growing, eating food that is grown and milled on the same farm, in a completely free range pasture overlooking the Berkshire downs.  We recommend the Free Range Bronze, and organic as the Bronze (and Norfolk Black) breed is rightly renowned for it’s flavour.  They are game hung and hand-dressed, prepared on the farm so there is no travel stress.

Your turkey will be boxed, and within 500g of the size you wanted.  It comes with giblets, rosemary and a pop-up timer with cooking instructions.  They are available whole (500g per person starting at 4.5kg), as Crowns (330g per person 3-5kg) or Breast Roasts.

Goose: You can almost hear the geese honking from the farm shop when the wind is in the right direction – they are running about the pasture in neighbouring Watergate Estate, making a din and living a proper, free range existence.  You can even see them from the footpath and it’s a lovely walk to the pub!  Goose is wonderfully rich and juicy, with the excess fat crying out for a potato to roast.  If you want to get a goose for Christmas, please let us know as soon as possible, as there are only a small number available.

Cockerel: For those who are not so keen on turkey, but still want a spectacular Christmas bird with the family, then a cockerel is the way to go.  All the taste, succulence and flavour of a chicken, but with the size and impact of a turkey (they can be up to 6kgs, feeding 12). These come from further afield, but again, from a small, specialist farm that prides itself on high welfare.

Duck and Chicken: Our ducks and chickens come from the renowned Creedy Carver farm in Devon that has been highlighted by Jamie Oliver and Jimmy on Channel 4.  This is perfect for small Christmas gatherings, but you will need to order if you want any for Christmas.

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    • apologies for the delay in getting back to you, but the cost of our Free Range Bronze Turkeys are £13/kg and the gammon is £8.50/kg.

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