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Our local geese make for the perfect roast on Christmas Day.

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In my mind, there is no finer sight or taste than a roasted golden Christmas goose.

This is an approximate guide to how many people each weight of goose feeds:

4kg – 4-5 people

4.5kg – 4-6 people

5kg – 5-7 people

5.5kg – 6-9 people

6kg – 8-12 people (sometimes more)


Producer Information

Our geese come from the neighbouring Watergate Estate and are free range, fed on grass pasture, grains and corn. They are traditionally reared, dressed and dry plucked, which means the skin becomes deliciously crispy when roasted. They taste fantastic: rich, succulent and bursting with flavour.  On top of which you have the cherished goose fat for some magnificent roast potatoes.

Geese cannot be mass produced and their production is very traditional and in that vein, it is very slow! This helps it to remain a real luxury that is pretty much only available fresh at Christmas.

Their geese roam freely throughout their whole life and spend lots of time grazing out in the fields behind the house, slowly growing fat for Christmas. They are penned into open yards at night to protect them from foxes. They are 6 months old before they are killed and range in size from 4-8kg. They really do make an absolutely delicious, rather special meal for Christmas day.


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