Pete is fishing as I write this, with fresh fish being landed tonight…

Please see Chantelle’s list below for the expected catch…

Also Fresh From the Boat have been nominated forthe 2nd year running for ‘Independent Fresh Fish Retailer of The Year’ in the UK and Ireland with the Fishing News awards.  This is hugely prestigious and would be a huge boost to Pete and Chantelle if they won. VOTING IS NOW OPEN AND THEY NEED YOUR SUPPORT! 

Here’s Chantelle’s update….

Dear All,

We are back the snow has gone for now and the sea temperature is starting to warm, hopefully not too quickly so the seaweed doesn’t grow!
Within this Newsletter I’d like to give you a few updates within the fishing industry, what we shall be working on within 2018, and the all-important FISH LIST for THIS WEEK.

Fish Available (Subject to catch)

Brill £7.50 per 500 grams
Cod Fillet – £7.50 per 500 grams
Dover Sole – £9- £11 per 500 grams (size depending)
Lemon Sole – £7-£9.50 per 500 grams (size depending)
Mackerel – £3.50 per 500 grams
Monk Tail – £10 per 500 grams
Plaice – £3.50 per 500 grams
Pollack Fillet – £7.50 per 500 grams
Skate Wing – £4 per 500 grams (unskinned)
Skate Wing – £6 per 500 grams (skinned)
Fish Pie Mix – £6 per 500 grams

We will also be sourcing some of the freshest:
Scallops – £1.50 each.
Sashimi Tuna Loin – £12.50 per 500 grams

Fishing Updates

The last 5 months have been a real struggle, from seriously poor fishing to loss of gear and many fishing restrictions come in to place. We have not taken a wage since November, so we are really sat here waiting for the fish to come in and the weather to improve. The sea temperature is warming which should bring the fish here but if it warms too quickly we run the risk of the weed growing quickly, which will mean no fishing AGAIN!

Bass & Dressed Crabs will be back on the fish list from April!

Last week we were away in Devon at Fishing into The Future Event. Peter is a trustee for this charity and I was lucky enough to deliver a presentation to fishermen on how to sell their catch locally. This course was aimed to teach fishermen about the importance of working with science. Some of the most important industry leaders attended, along with scientists and fishermen from around the coast.

We’ve made some fantastic new key contacts, which will increase the chances of getting even more fish and hand dived Scallops!

We hope to update you soon when the community fish box will return – we are literally just waiting on the Spring run of Fish to start.

I hope to see as many of you as possible this week.

Kindest Regards,


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  • I have cast my vote for Pete and Chantelle. Good luck, and well done for all your hard work!

  • It’s wonderful to have Pete’s Freshly caught fish – a true local fisherman, with Chantelle’s support, a great team!

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