If there is one thing that I can recommend to banish the wet, cold winter blues for the year, then it would be Nutbourne Heritage tomatoes.  I don’t know how they have managed to create such delicious tomatoes this early in the year, but it is summer in a bite.

Nutbourne heritage tomatoes are grown just outside Petworth – with over 25 varieties in different colours, tastes and sizes throughout the year.  Slice up a couple with some good olive oil, a basil leaf or two and a sprinkle of sea salt and you will be magically transported to the Mediterranean.   They are great in salads, on toast with garlic, or gently roasted with meats.

Do not keep them in the fridge as they will lose flavour.  Instead, put them in a bowl on the kitchen table and enjoy the colours.  They will give you hope for the good weather to come. You can taste them in our salads this week as well.

Nubtbourne heritage tomatoes are grown in greenhouses and are insecticide free – and because they are locally grown, they are picked when ripe and delivered to the shop.  The Supermarket tomatoes simply do not have the same flavour as they are picked unripe and then ‘ripen’ in transport from the continent.