I have to admit that generally I’m not a big marshmallow fan, unless I’m sitting around a fire with a stick in my hand, trying to create the perfect marshmallow crust without blistering my fingers.  However, we have some seriously tasty marshmallows that take this humble confectionery to a new level – rich, indulgent, and with incredible flavours, and I am now a believer!  Belinda Clarke Marshmallows are gourmet marshmallows made in Winchester using the finest ingredients such as Passion Fruit, Salted Caramel and Natural Vanilla.

The are stocked in Fortnum & Mason, are gluten, dairy and fat free (unless you go for the ones slathered in Belgium Chocolate – I won’t tell anyone, I promise) and are the perfect small indulgent treat.  You can either buy a single, bouncy cube to go with your coffee (you won’t get a more joyful 75p’s worth of pleasure for many a mile) or you can buy them by the pack.

They are ideal for parties and look fabulous, or you can take that camp fire up a notch….