MezzeSoul will be offering tastings of their delicious pomegranate sauces and vinegar this Saturday 23rd June from 10am.

Their products are a great way to dip into Middle Eastern Flavours, while using seasonal, local produce as the base.  A salad of Isle of Wight Tomatoes, Sussex Lettuce and spring onions and Tangmere Peppers can be transformed with lemon juice, sumac and 3 tbsp MezzeSoul pomegranate Garlic Lemon Zest sauce into a refreshing, delicious Middle Eastern Salad called Fattoush.

Equally you can transform a chicken breast with pomegranate garlic & lemon zest sauce.  You can check out a load of recipes on the MezzeSoul website

There are five different options:

Pomegranate and English Mustard

Pomegranate Garlic Lemon Zest

Pomegranate Red Pepper Chilli

Pomegranate Roasted Red Pepper

Pomegranate Vinegar

Come and meet the producers who can advise you on which flavours to use with which dishes, they are lovely and will inspire your cooking.