We are thrilled that Chantelle is back at the Farm Shop on Fridays from 1-3pm with her fantastic selection of local, dayboat fish.  This will be a weekly event going forward, and if you cannot make that time, then you can always pre-order your fish with Chantelle and she can leave it with us for you to pick up at your leisure on Friday or Saturday.

As Chantelle says:

Fresh Fish This week…
I really don’t have any guarantee on what fish we shall have on display this week, due to this horrific weather, but I’m hoping for….

Cod Fillet – £9 per 500 grams
Haddock Fillet – £8.50 per 500 grams
Hake Fillet – £8.59 per 500 grams
Whole Lemon Sole – £8 per 500 grams
Plaice – £3.50 per 500 grams
Monk Tail  – £12 per 500 grams
Bream – £4.50 per 500 grams
Natural Smoked Haddock – £8 per 500 grams
Fresh Tiger Prawns – £9 per 500 grams
Scallop Meat – £15 per 500 grams

All above is catch dependant and pre orders can be facilitated.

Naturally the weather has been spectacular, with Gale Force winds and rain forecast to stay for the rest of the week.

It certainly is trying to put a bleak outlook on the return of ‘Fresh From The Boat’ this week!

But I can confirm we are returning from tomorrow and our fishermen are going to try and push the weather for me and you, although it will be limited fish as no one wants to be out at sea in these conditions for too long!

I really hope you will put on your warm winter clothing and come and support our new fish stall (outside).



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  • So glad you are back at Stansted.
    If you have a generous portion of haddock for one, please save for me.

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