Wild Garlic is popping up in the woods as we speak, and at this early stage of the season, the flavour is mighty, while the leaves are tender – making it ideal for salads or blanched and seasoned as your greens. It’s also great as the base for pesto or salsa verde and is delicious as a soup (recipe here).  Gavin will be buzzing some freshly picked (by yours truly) wild garlic to make his own salsa verde in the kitchen – and here’s a simple recipe:

For the wild garlic salsa verde:
    1. 1 handful parsley leaves.
    2. 1 handful wild garlic leaves.
    3.  1 handful mint leaves.
    4.  2 anchovies.
    5. garlic cloves.
    6. 2 tbsp capers.
    7. 350ml olive oil.
    8. 2 lemons, juice and zest.

Buzz all the ingredients together and serve with leg of lamb, fresh fish or roast Creedy Carver chicken.  You can give a little crunch by adding toasted breadcrumbs.

For a recipe on Wild Garlic Pesto, click here….

If you are picking Wild Garlic, please don’t strip an area, but make sure to take small amounts from each patch.  Make sure to clean the wild garlic before drying in a salad spinner.  Once made, it should last for 3 days, but it can be frozen (we use ice cube or muffin trays for easy portions).  Alternatively, you could plant some wild garlic in your garden – the newly renovated Stansted Garden Centre are selling wild garlic plants.