We are seriously looking forward to welcoming The Portsmouth Distillery Company, on Saturday for a tasting of their outstanding rums, gin and cider.

For the team behind the Portsmouth Distillery Company, the principal driver for embarking on this project is rum.  However, they are passionate about the artisan spirit movement and giving Portsmouth it’s own distillery and range of spirits for the first time in hundreds of years.

The founders have always had a real passion for rum, and through their years in the industry, selling and tasting this versatile and flavoursome spirit it seemed the natural thing to do to start producing it. Initially to fill an ever-growing gap in the market for fine quality small-batch artisan white rum, but with an eye to laying this down to age, playing the long game, to have world-class aged sipping rums in the future.

Their 1968 White Rum is a UK first as they use distilling sugar cane sourced from Costa Rica, not homogenised molasses. The fermentation and distilling process takes 5.5 weeks, so a real labour of love. It is quite divine. 41% abv.

Cinnabar Spiced Rum is a lightly spiced rum named after the Cinnabar moth which frequents Fort Cumberland.  Based on our own 1968 rum the spices (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg, Szechuan pepper and orange peel) are uniquely added during the 2nd stage of the distillation process.  Sweetened with our own Costa Rican sugar syrup and with a hint of vanilla added prior to bottling, this makes for a delicately flavoured and beautifully clear product.

Their Fort Gin is distilled  at the ancient monument that is Fort Cumberland on Eastney Point. They use three key botanicals that are grown within the walls of the Fort – Elderflower, Gorse Flower and Sea Radish – alongside twelve other botanicals that create mouthfeel. The gin is at 41% abv as the gin is made in a pentagon Fort, and 4+1=5.

Also now available is Fort Cyder, using hand picked apples from the Blackmoor Estate in Hampshire. A mix of Egremont Russet, Cox and Bramley. Delicious! 6% abv.

Come along on Saturday from 11am for a tasting of these wonderful drinks, and enjoy the Portsmouth Distilling revival.