We are now getting our heritage tomatoes direct from The Tomato Stall on the Isle of Wight, with their huge variety of glorious, flavour packed heritage tomatoes in red, green and orange hues.  Not only that, but they also grow Padron Peppers, which you cook in olive oil until soft on the inside, lightly charred on the outside.  They are mild in flavour, save for the occasional pokey one to keep you on your toes.  Simply finish with flaked sea salt and serve warm.

As we are getting our tomatoes direct from the producer, we have been able to drop the price from £10.95 to £7.95/kg and they are also available in 250g punnets at £2.45 each.

They are simply bursting with flavour, tasting as a Mediterranean tomato should taste.  This is due to the tomatoes being grown in one of the sunniest, most southerly parts of the UK, and using the finest varieties for that micro-climate, such as piccolo, green tiger and coeur de boeuf tomatoes.


Their entire growing system is completely biodegradable, from the coconut husk that their plants are grown in to the string that supports the plants. They compost all the plant waste and use the resulting compost to enrich the soil of their organic crops the following year.

Having their own composting facility also gives them the opportunity to fine-tune the nutrient requirements for specific organic crops. This has helped to reduce fertiliser inputs, improve soil fertility and structure which results in more delicious tomatoes.

They make an incredibly colourful, vibrant display on the kitchen table, and make sure to keep them out of the fridge in order to keep the flavour.