Join us on Saturday 9th November from 11am for a tasting of the delicious Beeble – a Witshire made British Honey Whisky that uses honey from their own hives to make a seriously tasty whisky drink that will warm and comfort you on a winter’s evening.

Beeble started as a beekeeper and a bookkeeper who wanted to show that sustainability and business can coexist and thrive at the same time. Beeble honey whisky has many qualities – it is not only delicious cold but fabulous warmed by the fire too. Why not get a bottle to share with your loved ones.. or maybe not to share with anyone at all!

They use honey sourced from their own 130 hives in Wiltshire and never use any artificial sugars. A bee for a buzz: £1 of proceeds from each and every bottle goes back to our bee community.


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