We’d like to introduce a brand new gin from Portsmouth Distillery: Tudor Gin uses the same botanicals that were found on the Mary Rose, including hazelnut, hemp seed, dandelion and cherry.  It is a London Dry (read here to find out what that entails) with the mildly bitter, toasty hazelnut flavour is swiftly followed by the cherry notes.

For every bottle bought, a sizeable donation is given to the Mary Rose Trust, which has been in considerable financial difficulty due to the Covid pandemic.  Luckily they are planning to re-open the museum on 24th August, so definitely worth a visit, especially if you have friends and family who are looking for a new experience.

Tudor Gin joins Portsmouth Distillery’s very popular Fort Gin, and their two rums, 1968 White Rum and Cinnabar Spiced Rum.  Perfect for this hot weather.