Stansted Park have launched a Tree Fund Project where you can help fund the planting of a new tree.  Please see details below, and if you enjoy walking through the incredible Stansted Woodland, then this would be a lovely cause to support…
With winter approaching the Stansted Park Tree Planting Project will be reaching full swing with thousands of saplings being planted by our forestry team over the coming months.The cost of replanting these large areas lost to Ash Dieback Disease is huge but a vital part of Stansted Park’s charitable mission. A mix of native hardwoods will optimise biodiversity and the introduction of new species, able to thrive in our changing climate, will add seasonal colour. New access paths will be created to enhance visitors’ experience.

Stansted are asking those who have enjoyed Stansted Forest for so many years to consider joining their mission by donating a little to the cause. If you would like to help re-build your local forest you can do so by visiting our website. We have added a new ‘Donation’ button to help make donating easier for the tree lovers among you. Any amount is most appreciated and will be a great help to the fight against Ash Dieback.

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  • Ok. So I’ve stepped up and put the cash down Frederique.
    And Ash Dieback you say? Wasn’t he that no nonsense cook dude in Under Siege…
    Great project. I’m gonna get The Lorax and Treebeard signed up. They’ve got the smarts and the riffs for this gig.

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