We have worked with Chantelle and Pete from Fresh From the Boat since we first started, many years ago.  Pete catches the fish, Chantelle sells the fish.  They now have a huge number of customers, a wonderful new unit in Emsworth Yacht Harbour, and have loads of local dayboats supplying fresh fish and shellfish daily.  You can either buy the fish directly from them by visiting their shop, ordering online with Chantelle and then pick it up from the Farm Shop when you are doing your shopping.

The fish is locally caught, super fresh and is prepared to your requirements, bagged and priced individually.

This week’s fish list is a bit shorter due to the very blustery conditions, but you can choose from the following:

Fresh Fish 21/10/20

Plaice – £4 per 500 grams
Bass – £9 per 500 grams
Brill – £10 per 500 grams (each fish over 1 kilo)
Cod Fillet – £9 per 500 grams
Cod Cheeks – £10 per 500 grams
Hake Fillet – £9 per 500 grams
Haddock Fillet – £8.50 per 500 grams
Scallops – £16 per 500 grams
Lemon Sole – £8 per 500 grams
Fish Pie Mix £6 per 500 grams
Dressed Selsey Crab – £6.50
Natural Smoked Haddock – £9 per 500 grams
Mussels – £3 per 500 grams (subject to availability)
Wild Halibut Steaks £15 per 500 grams

Live Lobsters are available for order only as the prices have gone high, £15 per 500 grams.

If you are interested in a regular supply of fish, I would recommend contacting Chantelle directly to get onto their newsletter.

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